I cleaned my SMOBOT now it doesn't open/close all the way

I cleaned my SMOBOT now it doesn't open/close all the way

If you took your SMOBOT apart for cleaning, you likely need to recalibrate the damper position.  In order to do this, follow the below steps:

1.  Remove the screw from the top of the servo that holds the servo arm in place.
2.  Remove the damper arm from the top of the servo
3.  Make sure your SMOBOT is NOT in AUTO mode
4.  Unplug your SMOBOT and plug it back in with the damper connected
5.  This will move the servo to the FULLY CLOSED position
6.  Replace the servo arm with the damper petals fully closed and the arm slightly bent.  The arm will be angled off to the left.
7.  Unplug your damper and plug it back in, verify that the damper moves from fully open to fully closed
8.  Replace the set screw in the top of the damper arm and pull the rubber gasket back over the top to protect the screw from the elements.
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